Admission Process & CriteriaAdmissions criteria at Grandvue

Selecting a facility to serve long term care or rehabilitative needs can be a difficult decision to make. Grandvue’s Admission Coordinator, Melissa Tanner, will be happy to answer any questions about Grandvue or other community options.

Prior to admission at Grandvue, please be prepared to provide:

  • Current chest x-ray (within the last 90 days)
  • Full history and physical, updated within the last three months
  • Physician’s orders stating need for 24-hour nursing care
  • Complete list of diagnoses, current medications, diet, treatments, allergies, immunizations, and therapy treatment needed
  • DCH 3877-3878 forms (screening for Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementia)
  • Application completed by Elder or responsible party
  • Copies of all insurance cards
  • Copies of all legal papers, such as Power of Attorney
  • Other financial information may be required including, but not limited to, asset declaration

Please call Melissa at (231) 536-2286 if you have any questions about admission requirements or would like a Grandvue tour.