Memory Care

Grandvue’s Horizonvue Community is a safe, secure home for those needing specialized memory care. Daily life revolves around routines and meaningful, interesting, success-based activities designed to meet the social, physical, mental and spiritual needs of each Resident.

The kitchenette in the Horizonvue Living Room provides Residents and staff with food preparation and storage areas, hand and dishwashing sinks and all of the appliances needed for a fully functioning activity area that feels just like home.  Residents can perform familiar and meaningful tasks such as washing dishes, baking cakes, kneading bread, cleaning cupboards, etc., to stay engaged in the activities of daily living.

Horizonvue is also home to the Namaste Room, which provides a spa-like environment and meaningful activities for Residents with advanced dementia. The new Music & Memory® program helps individuals with cognitive and physical conditions engage with the world through the therapeutic use of personalized music.