Grandvue Auxiliary

The Grandvue Auxiliary has been serving Elders and staff since 1969. Members devote their time and companionship to ensure Elders enjoy special facility events. The Auxiliary raises funds that the group uses to enhance the lives of Grandvue’s Elders.

Auxiliary at GrandvueThe Auxiliary has provided the Grandvue’s Elders with therapy equipment, blanket warmers, outdoor furniture, courtyard flowers and a new comfort chair. The Auxiliary made a significant contribution toward the purchase of the new Elder transport van and is committed to supporting the future Grandvue Terrace and Recreation Park project.

Grandvue Auxiliary

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The Grandvue Auxiliary funds special projects to benefit families and Elders. They recently purchased a comfort chair that reclines to a full horizontal position and allows a comfortable means for family members who wish to remain at their Elder’s bedside.

Anyone interested in becoming a member or contributing to the Grandvue Auxiliary may contact Nancy Lawson at (231) 582-9884 or Jan Ruback at (231) 582-7929.